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Conducting all your training in boardrooms and classrooms throughout the years may have worked for you, but taking it online will open you up to a range of benefits. An increasing number of Indian businesses and course providers are making the switch to eLearning simply because it is the best way to learn in today’s environment. As a leading software development firm based in Delhi. Savarna Cloudtech is uniquely positioned to help you make the transition to custom eLearning solutions best suited for your teaching and training requirements.

Why should you embrace online learning solutions?

If you are thinking that eLearning solutions are only for businesses or providers with an entire suite of training courses, you might want to reconsider. Regardless of whether the only formal training you provide is a basic induction on your employees’ first day, or a short introductory lecture to new students, custom eLearning solutions are capable of transforming even this. At Synotive, our highly capable and talented instructional designers possess the expertise necessary to provide an engaging learning experience for all of your learners.


One of the most important reasons that Indian businesses and course providers are embracing online learning solutions is that it results in substantial cost savings. Our software development team can ensure that through our innovative online learning solutions, the exact same training can be provided to as many individuals as you like. This translates to a large amount of money saved on external trainers or electricity costs for your boardrooms and training rooms, just to name a couple.

Convenience and flexibility

Taking your training online with well-developed online learning solutions means that your employees and students are able to access and complete their courses anytime and anywhere, including in transit to and from work. This means that you do not have to dedicate office or course hours to teaching and training your people, and holding different sessions if they need to be instructed in a variety of topics.

No compromise on productivity

The wonders that Savarna Cloudtech online learning solutions will do for improving productivity are worth tapping into. Firstly, because eLearning has been proven to be a more effective method of understanding and retaining information, the time taken to complete the same training is significantly less when done online. Your learners will be able to carry on with the rest of their work much faster. In addition, if one of your senior staff members is carrying out the training, imagine the number of their hours that could be better utilised if new employees or students were trained with eLearning solutions instead.


Our unique online learning solutions offer a unique benefit that your face-to-face training does not – you, as the manager or department head, are able to track the progress of your learners’ training and the depth of their understanding at your convenience. eLearning solutions help you zero in on weaknesses of your training methods and thus provide the opportunity for faster improvements.

Synotive’s innovative eLearning solutions

 we at Savarna Cloudtech design interactive online learning courses developed specifically for the Indian training environment. Our courses are completely aligned with the core elements of online learning such as interactions, animations, gamification, stories, themes and scenarios to keep your learners engaged. We also take great care to ensure each of our online learning solutions is tailored to your specific eLearning needs. We analyse each of our clients’ requirements in detail before developing customised courses that adhere to the highest standards of eLearning. You can be assured of tangible outcomes for your business.


“We have a proven track record of delivering end-to-end custom online learning solutions that are contemporary, of superior quality, and are perfectly suited to your specific business environment. ”

    Custom eLearning course development

    We agree that recycling courses for different training purposes defeats the idea of making each course engaging for your learners. At Synotive, we assure you of custom eLearning course development entirely tailored to suit your exact needs. Whatever your motivations for making the transition to online learning solutions, our development team can cater to your unique requirements.

    eLearning Course Development

    Properly defined and conceptualised to sync with your learning procedures. SAvarna Cloudtech qualified eLearning Course development team craft informative, effective online courses for learners within the budget.

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    Our custom eLearning solutions also include an effective Learning Management System software that enables you to track, monitor and efficiently deliver contemporary and up-to-date eLearning courses according to your requirements. Not only is our software easy to use, we also provide you with whatever support you may need throughout the implementation and utilisation of our LMS.

    Interactive eLearning Experiences

    Fully interactive online learning options to create a huge impact on your learning methods. Our in-house team uses Articulate, the world’s favourite authoring tool, to focus on developing engaging and creative content with more effects and designs that your audience will fall in love with.

Why the Savarna Cloudtech approach is right for you

Our entire eLearning solutions development team comprises of experts passionate about reinventing your teaching, training and learning methods. Our custom eLearning solutions promise to provide a fun learning environment, and are the perfect tools for your instructional methods. We guarantee:

  • Free consultation with our eLearning team of experts
  • Customised and simplified eLearning solutions
  • Reduced cost to deliver content
  • No per user license fee
  • Faster content delivery
  • On demand access
  • Reduced learning times
  • Consistent branding and user experience
  • Proof of completion and certification
  • Reduced environment impact
  • 24/7 access to our support system
Custom eLearning Solutions



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